pictures to draw for beginners

Are you new to drawing and looking for some easy ideas to get started? Here are 10 simple pictures that beginners can try out:

1. Abstract Shapes: Start by experimenting with different shapes and lines to create interesting abstract compositions.

2. Flowers: Flowers are a popular subject for beginner artists due to their simple shapes and vibrant colors.

3. Animals: Try drawing simple animal shapes like a cat or a dog to practice your basic drawing skills.

4. Fruit: Fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges are great subjects for beginners to practice shading and texture.

5. Landscapes: Start by drawing simple landscapes with basic elements like trees, mountains, and a river.

6. Buildings: Try drawing simple buildings like houses or skyscrapers to practice perspective and architectural details.

7. Portraits: Start by drawing simple portraits of yourself or a family member to practice capturing facial features and expressions.

8. Still Life: Set up a simple still life composition with objects like a vase, fruit, and a book to practice drawing from observation.

9. Cars: Try drawing simple cars or vehicles to practice drawing different shapes and proportions.

10. Cartoon Characters: Finally, try drawing simple cartoon characters like a smiley face or a cute animal to practice adding personality to your drawings.

These easy drawing ideas are great for beginners to experiment with different drawing techniques and styles. Remember to practice regularly and have fun with your drawings!