easy drawing for kids

easy drawing for kids

Drawing is a great way for kids to express their creativity and improve their fine motor skills. Here are 10 fun and easy drawing activities that kids will love:

1. Rainbow Scratch Art: Use a scratch art kit to create colorful and sparkly designs by scratching away at the black surface to reveal bright rainbow colors underneath.

2. Doodle Monsters: Let kids use their imagination to create silly and cute monster characters by drawing different shapes, eyes, mouths, and colors.

3. Dot-to-Dot Drawings: Connect the dots to reveal hidden pictures or animals, a fun way for kids to practice their counting skills while drawing.

4. Sticker Drawing: Give kids a sheet of stickers and let them create a scene or story using the stickers as inspiration.

5. Symmetry Drawings: Fold a piece of paper in half and have kids draw half of a picture, then unfold to reveal a perfectly symmetrical design.

6. Nature Drawings: Take a nature walk and have kids pick flowers, leaves, or rocks to use as inspiration for their drawings.

7. Chalk Art: Use sidewalk chalk to create colorful drawings on the driveway or sidewalk, a great outdoor activity for a sunny day.

8. Storyboard Drawing: Have kids draw a series of pictures to tell a story or create a comic strip, a fun way to encourage storytelling through art.

9. Travel Sketchbook: Create a travel sketchbook for kids to draw their favorite memories or sights they see on a family trip.

10. Collaborative Drawing: Have kids take turns adding to a drawing, each adding their own unique touch to create a collaborative masterpiece.

These drawing activities are not only fun and easy for kids to do, but they also help develop their creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. So grab some paper and art supplies and let the creativity flow!