easy art for kids to draw

Are you looking for some creative and fun art projects to keep your kids busy? Here are 10 easy and exciting ideas to try today:

1. Bubble Wrap Printing: Grab some bubble wrap, paint, and paper to create colorful and textured prints that your kids will love.

2. Melted Crayon Art: Use a hairdryer to melt crayons onto a canvas or paper to create vibrant and abstract masterpieces.

3. Tissue Paper Collage: Cut up different colored tissue paper and glue them onto a piece of paper to create a colorful collage.

4. Salt Painting: Mix salt with watercolors and watch as the colors spread and blend together to create beautiful patterns.

5. Leaf Rubbing: Head outside to collect some leaves, place them under a piece of paper, and rub over them with crayons to reveal intricate leaf designs.

6. Rock Painting: Let your kids get creative by painting rocks with bright colors and fun designs. They can even use them to decorate their room or garden.

7. Paper Plate Masks: Cut out eye and mouth holes in paper plates and let your kids decorate them with paint, markers, and other craft supplies to create their own masks.

8. DIY Spin Art: Use a salad spinner and a few drops of paint to create mesmerizing spin art designs on paper.

9. Nature Collage: Take a nature walk to collect leaves, flowers, and other outdoor materials to use in a collage on paper.

10. Sticker Resist Art: Place stickers on a piece of paper and paint over them. When the paint dries, peel off the stickers to reveal fun shapes and designs.

These easy and fun art projects are sure to keep your kids entertained and engaged while allowing them to explore their creativity. Give them a try today and watch as their imaginations soar!